Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OS Pocket Diapers

Drawing is Closed.  The Winner is #16.
elmo_is_mine I know that is one of my best customers Megan :)  Congrats Megan, I am super excited for you to try my OS pocket!!  I will get it into the mail today.  Megan, I have a Spotted Dogs dipe I am listing today, LMK if you would prefer this one over the Gator one...

What brought on the sudden desire for Three Monkeys to make pockets?  We were mostly making AIOs and I still love making them, but I get lots of requests for pockets and I HATED making them until now.  

I finally worked it out so that I have a great design and I only use the PUL fabric so that I don't have to wrestle with multiple layers of materials during assembly.  I have also noticed that pocket loving mommas are pretty adamant about how great they are.  I had tried a couple with the twins and since they were so tiny, we had issues with fit and wing droop. 

With this LO, I am trying it all.  I have made several and with the way the snap placement is I have remedied the biggest issues for us.  But I need a little feedback, so this week we are going to give away one of Three Monkeys Cloth Diapers OS Pocket diapers with bamboo insert.  It will have to be one of the ones listed at my Etsy store and I am going to make this giveaway end in one weeks time, December 22nd at 9am EST.

One entry each for (enter each one separately):
-Being a follower of this blog.
-Being a fan on Facebook.
-Telling me which one you want from my instock diapers on Etsy.
-Stating your favorite holiday tradition (after all it is Christmas).

And the winner is....

Catherine Gillam, Congratulations!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fleece Cover Giveaway

Carried over from FB: 
What project to do next.... How about a fleece cover??
I am experimenting more this time around and I made myself some Daddy Flats, which require a cover. The choice that seemed most fun was the fleece covers, so I grabbed a few prints in boy, girl or gender neutral and never got to make them.  Weeks after Brooke came home I finally got to make a few and they are so much fun!!  My only complaint is the pull on/off styling, maybe I should try it with snaps....

                                                               With her Daddy Flat
                                                          And butterfly fleece cover

From now until December 15th (9am EST), I will be taking entries for a pull on fleece cover in your choice of size and print (very limited stock compared to my flannels).  Fleece choices will be listed here in my fleece gallery I do not have the prints up yet because like I mentioned, the covers were for me originally...Winner will be choosen by generator.

Now even more entries are available...

One entry each  for:

-Being a Three Monkeys blog follower.
-"Like"ing on Facebook.
-Telling us of Three Monkeys item you have and love.

As always, I would appreciate a picture of you LO wearing the item in the giveaway.

Disclaimer: Facebook is in no way affiliated with Three Monkeys Cloth Diapers or the giveaway listed above.  You must 18 years of age to win and a resident of the United States.

Why a Blog???

So let me start out by saying, I am a computer MORON!  I struggle through anything that has to do with computer technology.  I learn fast, but usually from trial and error and many curse words under my breath about how much I hate computers...

There are millions of blogs out there and I am no way trying to get the most followers or make money from doing this.  I just needed to do this to follow the rules of what was my main means of communication with my faithful customers.

I am creating this blog to do my giveaways because Facebook (which I finally just got the hang of) no longer allows me to giveaway stuff on their "platform".  So I will link all giveaways here to enter and do the drawings as usual, then post the winner on FB.  Hopefully, that will not break any rules and I can continue rewarding my peeps :)