Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making Baby Legs (a.k.a. leg warmers)

I have an addiction.  Well, you probably know that from my material supply :) 

I love showing off how cute Brooke is in her cloth diapers.  The best way to do that is with her leg warmers.  I had some that I purchased off of Etsy for the twins.  They held up nicely and I toyed with the idea of making some and how the ones I bought were made.  Anyway, as you know, I don't have a ton of time on my hands and just purchased a few more for Brooke in the infant size.

Again, I looked at them and thought that they were just made from knee-high socks.  They are one whole piece of the leg with a simple cuff on the bottom, serge them together and you've got leg warmers.  Well, as I was shopping in Target last week, I ran across some knee-highs in the same print as the LWs I had just bought.  My thought was confirmed, so just like that I bought 3 other pairs to make my own.

Simple as can be.  Here's what you need: 1 pair of knee-highs (at least 8" for infant or 12" for toddler), scissors, sewing machine or serger.  Basically, cut off the top of the sock at the length you desire the LW to be.  Cut off the toe and heal, keeping the section inbetween that matches the pattern of the top.  I narrow this tube with a small seam, 1/8", on the sole of the sock (I will get a photo to show this up) and then turn and fold in half with right side out.  Pin to the leg part and run a seam to attach the cuff to the LW.  Done.  Takes a whole of 10 minutes at the most, in fact getting my machine out and putting it back away took more time than anything else, go figure :)

Now go make some for your little one.  If you are not handy or don't have a machine you can check out the shop I got mine from, she has a fantastic selection: Crawler Covers & More or maybe I will start stocking a few once I get the store up and running again.

Thanks for reading :)

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