Monday, December 6, 2010

Fleece Cover Giveaway

Carried over from FB: 
What project to do next.... How about a fleece cover??
I am experimenting more this time around and I made myself some Daddy Flats, which require a cover. The choice that seemed most fun was the fleece covers, so I grabbed a few prints in boy, girl or gender neutral and never got to make them.  Weeks after Brooke came home I finally got to make a few and they are so much fun!!  My only complaint is the pull on/off styling, maybe I should try it with snaps....

                                                               With her Daddy Flat
                                                          And butterfly fleece cover

From now until December 15th (9am EST), I will be taking entries for a pull on fleece cover in your choice of size and print (very limited stock compared to my flannels).  Fleece choices will be listed here in my fleece gallery I do not have the prints up yet because like I mentioned, the covers were for me originally...Winner will be choosen by generator.

Now even more entries are available...

One entry each  for:

-Being a Three Monkeys blog follower.
-"Like"ing on Facebook.
-Telling us of Three Monkeys item you have and love.

As always, I would appreciate a picture of you LO wearing the item in the giveaway.

Disclaimer: Facebook is in no way affiliated with Three Monkeys Cloth Diapers or the giveaway listed above.  You must 18 years of age to win and a resident of the United States.


  1. I'm a blog follower, like you on Facebook, and my favorite Three Monkeys item has to be my new PUL pocket diapers :D. I love pocket diapers and am so happy you started making them!
    -Megan Stone

  2. I haven't yet been able to try my AI2 (my LO is too little). I LOVE my wet bag but I loved my covers too. So hard to choose! :)

  3. Have a Three Monkeys AIO that I bought on craigslist & I love it!