Monday, December 6, 2010

Why a Blog???

So let me start out by saying, I am a computer MORON!  I struggle through anything that has to do with computer technology.  I learn fast, but usually from trial and error and many curse words under my breath about how much I hate computers...

There are millions of blogs out there and I am no way trying to get the most followers or make money from doing this.  I just needed to do this to follow the rules of what was my main means of communication with my faithful customers.

I am creating this blog to do my giveaways because Facebook (which I finally just got the hang of) no longer allows me to giveaway stuff on their "platform".  So I will link all giveaways here to enter and do the drawings as usual, then post the winner on FB.  Hopefully, that will not break any rules and I can continue rewarding my peeps :)

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