Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 10 - 12 Days of Giveaways

Are you ready??  Really ready?  Are you sure?

This is gonna be a good one :)

Today is a sample package.  One OS Pocket with insert, one cover with prefold, an extra Zorb II trifold diaper doubler (this is what we use at night with our prefold and we have NEVER had a single leak), one wet bag, 3 diaper liners and 6 wipes.  As with the last giveaway, you get to choose the prints for the diaper, cover, wet bag and wipes.

        I am addicted to taking pictures of my baby in various stages of undress exposing her diapers, am I alone here??

Enter a comment below if you want it (just comment, "I want it")

You can get extra entries for (enter one comment for each entry, it makes it easier for when I have to draw names):
1. Tweeting about 3monkeysCDs
2. FBing about the giveaway, with tagging Three Monkeys FB page.
3. Answer:How many fluffy bum shots do you have??
(That is 4 possible entries per person!!)

Open to all US and Canada residents. Must be 18yo or older. Only one giveaway win per 3 month period, per person.

Drawing will be: December 24th at 10 am ESTClosed.
Winner #5:

Gretchen said...

Tweeted your giveaway. :-)!/JoeNLiamsMama/status/150249147805601794
Congrats!!  Shoot me an e-mail at and we will discuss the specifics :)


  1. Number of fluffy bum shots: Not enough! He's too on the move, they're always more blurry bum shots.

  2. I finally remembered to enter, yay me! We'd love to win. I'll have to take pictures of Little #3 rockin' some vintage eBay Three Monkeys!

  3. Tweeted your giveaway. :-)!/JoeNLiamsMama/status/150249147805601794

  4. # of CD pics....LOTS of each kid! I'm sad we'll be potty training in the new year but happy to have a little girl to use girlier CDs for another 18 months or so.

  5. I don't have nearly enough fluffy bum shots! We're trying to jump back on the cloth bandwagon.

  6. I'm not sure how many fluffy bum shots we have, but definitely enough to embarrass him when he's older. ;)

  7. We have tons of shots! I love taking pics of her diapers! :)

  8. I want it! Would be great for my friend who wnats to try out cloth diapering on her 3rd.

  9. I have no babies of my own but have a few pics of a friend's twins cute little fluffy bums! Can't wait for my own and the cute fluff they will wear!

  10. I TOTALLY WANT THIS!!! You are so generous with your giveaways!!!

  11. We have TONS of fluff pictures for William! My favorite is the first day he wore a cloth diaper... a Threemonkeys of course!

  12. FB post!! I am so excited for who ever wins this!!!

  13. I don't have enough pictures :-)

  14. And no 'fluffy' bum shots....yet! Just starting my cloth diaper journey. We do have some cute shots of him in disposables and with no diaper though!