Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 3 - 12 Days of Giveaways

So today I am adding to my stock of reusable snack bags.  Man alive they are expensive on Etsy!!  I had them listed at one time and I never sold 1, but that does not mean that I make a shabby bag, in fact, just the opposite.

I went to Twin's Group Christmas Dinner last night and we had a Yankee Swap.  Of course, I forgot all about the gift until about 2 hours before the dinner, so I grabbed a few pieces of material and whipped up a few bags (I knew that 2 mommas were interested in getting some from me, so I knew that they would want that gift).  Jillian got #1 (and I knew she was one of my admirers) and luck of the draw she picks my gift.  I immediately told her that she was gonna love it.  She did :)  My gift was then swapped 6 more times over 14 ladies and eventually ended back in Jillians hands at the end.  In the meantime, they were oh-ed and ah-ed over by all the mommas.  Love that!

So what do you think it a fair amount for the giveaway?  How about 2 sandwich sized and 2 snack sized?  I have several in hand and we can get to the picking and choosing when you win.  One entry per comment, then get a few more below:

You can get extra entries for (enter one comment for each entry, it makes it easier for when I have to draw names):
1. Tweeting about 3monkeysCDs
2. FBing about the giveaway, with tagging Three Monkeys FB page.
3. Telling me which print you would pick from my cotton wovens.

Ready, set, GO!
Forgot to put a deadline.... Drawing will be 8pm EST, December 16Closed


Jenilyn said...

Ooh I love the snack bags! Thanks for the giveaway!
Your welcome :)  And congrats!!  Send me a quick e-mail at with your mailing info.

Open to all US and Canada residents. Must be 18yo or older. Only one giveaway win per 3 month period, per person.


  1. Ohhhhh! Even better!! I want these.. definitely FB tagging!!

  2. Ohh, I wantie :P! Definitely going to FB tagging ;) I also loooove the Strip Dino print!

  3. I would choose guitars or fruity.

  4. I would do cat in the hat or ribbit. Hard to chose just one!

  5. Oh boy! I think this would almost complete my three monkeys product usage! I would LOVE these for myself and for gifts! William was so excited that he tried to type to you!

  6. We would love any of the cars prints! It's my 1 yr old's fav. movie!

  7. Ooh I love the snack bags! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. The zebra stretch is my favorite print!

  9. Amanda - 1. I would love to try your reuseable baggies. I've been wanting to
    try some but have not wanted to invest in them yet.

  10. Amanda - 2. Shared your link on facebook

  11. Amanda - 3. I like your heart america and zebra stretch paterns.