Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 9 - 12 Days of Giveaways

So at this point I know that what I am sending out will not make it to the winner until after Christmas, so let's have some fun!!

Today, I am giving away 2 One Size Pockets in your choice of print/color. 
                       Yeah, I know this doesn't really have anything to do with 2 diapers, I just like the picture :)

Enter a comment below if you want it (just comment, "I want it")

You can get extra entries for (enter one comment for each entry, it makes it easier for when I have to draw names):
1. Tweeting about 3monkeysCDs
2. FBing about the giveaway, with tagging Three Monkeys FB page.
3. Answer:  Do you still buy presents for your hubby??  I do not, we have agreed that we want to spoil the kids, then he always buys me something on Christmas Eve...
(That is 4 possible entries per person!!)

Open to all US and Canada residents. Must be 18yo or older. Only one giveaway win per 3 month period, per person.

Drawing will be: December 23rd at 10 am EST . Closed.

Winner #9:

DerMom said...

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Congrats!!  Shoot me an e-mail at .


  1. Yes the hubby and I still exchange gifts. We have toned it down and stick to a budget for each other since now it is all about the kids!


  3. We still exchange gifts, but not as big, especially this year with the little one still waiting to arrive.

  4. We don't have a standard protocol for gifts. He wanted a book on investing so he'll get that on Christmas. My "Christmas" gifts (that I've already had for weeks) were a indoor bicycle trainer and a new pillow. Wow, do we sound exciting.

  5. Every year, my husband and I agree to go low-key with each other for Christmas. Every year, we spend twice the agreed-upon budget. :( But it's fun watching him open gifts!

  6. No, we do not get presents for each other. He knows better than to spend money on me when I tell him not to. We do give to charity instead. One year we purchased a set of snow tires for our best friends so they would be safe on the road transporting their 2 year old back and forth to Dartmouth for chemo. We rather give than receive. :) If I win these diapers I am even giving them away to a friend!

  7. I don't just want it, I WOULD LOVE IT!!! I love your stuff!!!

  8. For Amanda - 1. I would love some more of your diapers!!!

  9. For Amanda - 3. Yes we do still exchange gifts. We try and surprise each other every year and it turns into alot of fun.

  10. Hubby and I have only been married for 4 1/2 years and only have 1 child so we do still buy each other gifts.

  11. We spend most of the money on our 3 kids. They come first. If we have any extra than we get gifts.

  12. We still buy each other presents but our only child is only 2 weeks old so it may change next year....

  13. We do still buy each other presents. We try and get each other things we need but also something fun too! :)