Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 7 - 12 Days of Giveaways

I am almost done doing my favorite thing of the year; wrapping presents!!  I love doing it.  In fact, in my past life (aka, before the twins), I used to drive school bus and I would go to my girlfriend's houses during the day and wrap their presents for them too.  I joke that I should get a job wrapping presents in the mall, I LOVE IT!!!!

Anyway, I am working on organizing my house for the big day and finishing a project to the newest family member, Irina, born November 7th.  She is getting some diapers from her Aunty for Christmas :)  So while I am working on diaps, how about if I make one for one of my wonderful fans?? 

Who wants a diaper?  The Elephant Walk is gender neutral, right??  I do it with lime snaps now (since I have them and they match much better than the tan), but this is the general idea of what you will get. 

Enter a comment below if you want it (just comment, "I want it")

You can get extra entries for (enter one comment for each entry, it makes it easier for when I have to draw names):
1. Tweeting about 3monkeysCDs
2. FBing about the giveaway, with tagging Three Monkeys FB page.
3. Answer:  Do you love wrapping or would you pay someone to do it for you??
(That is 4 possible entries per person!!)

Open to all US and Canada residents. Must be 18yo or older. Only one giveaway win per 3 month period, per person.

Drawing will be: December 20th at 10pm EST. Closed.

And the WINNER is # 10
The Evans said...

Oh and I HATE wrapping. Probably because I am HORRIBLE at it. But alas I still rather do it myself, ugly or not, than pay someone else to do it!

Congrats!!  Shoot me a quick e-mail with your mailing addy to stacey@threemonkeysclothdiapers.com.


  1. i love to wrap things myself! we are always finished shopping for our kids before Thanksgiving, it makes the holidays (and the wrapping) more enjoyable!

  2. tweeted also! I never tweet and did a special one just for this! :) :)

  3. I want it! :)
    also posting on FB

  4. I like the idea of wrapping. Once I get going, I get bored quickly

  5. Oh and I HATE wrapping. Probably because I am HORRIBLE at it. But alas I still rather do it myself, ugly or not, than pay someone else to do it!

  6. Oh - and I love wrapping presents, too!

  7. I like to wrap my presents. Except when they are a funny shape, then it is frustrating. But mostly, I like to wrap!

  8. I want it! :) I love your diapers! :)

  9. I looooove wrapping presents. I've already finished wrapping everything, and I swear I'm ready to go buy a few more things just so I have something else to wrap, hahaha!

  10. I like to wrap my own presents, only because I'm way too frugal to pay someone to do it for me!

  11. Forgot about this part....
    I enjoyed wrapping them this year (because I am staying at home now), but in years past I would have paid someone to do it for me!